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More volume, length and definition for a captivating look with the 3d Volume Xpression Mascara.


BCN Arni-K is a specific, localized action cream for the improvement of epidermal alterations due to contusions, medical-aesthetic procedures, surgical…
BCN Cleanser is a foam cleanser that balances skin pH. Contains gentle, non-aggressive cleansers, It gently eliminates impurities accumulated on…
BCN Epithel soothes the skin and restores the hydrolipidic mantle of the areas treated with chemical peelings, laser or other…
BCN Heal is a cream specifically formulated for use after mechanical aesthetic procedures that can produce alterations in the skin,…
Cleans, disinfects and cares for the natural and artificial fibers of brushes. Size: 125 ml
Comfort and sensory and silky touch for your lips.
Juicy finish long-lasting lipstick on the lip
Lips more hydrated, radiant and full of light. UNIT 3 ML / 0.10 FL. 0Z
Duo pencil with shades in harmony
Emollient, creamy and easy to apply, eyeliner. Presentation: Units of 4 g  
Juicy finish long-lasting lipstick on the lip